So we’ve decided on CubeDuel for dating as the idea to investigate.  Let’s try to come up with a list of 5-10 questions to ask raters.  Questions should be entertaining and at the same give valuable information on the person wrt dating.


Step 1: Generating Problems

New problems identified today:

  • food experiences (4 votes – DO IT, photos and cost)
  • 28 career jumps (3 votes)
  • cubeduel for dating (4 votes)
  • girls can’t hear their phones (4 vote)
  • comparing yourself with friends (2 votes)
  • waiting in line ex: movie concession (1 vote)
  • audience participation (1 vote)
  • tapas and sharing meals, tabletalk (1 vote)
  • dealing with a death (1 vote)
  • remembering someone’s name (2 vote)
  • heating products for winter cold weather (2 vote)
  • i really hate my job (2 vote)
  • bucket list
  • where to put your money/phone
  • IVRs, call centers suck
  • renting out retail space temporarily
  • banter and small talk
  • people who think they know everything, mistake perspective with truth
  • school notes
  • vacation only 2 weeks
  • relativity, biggest tip
  • product imagery ex: 360
  • new immigrants with knowledge
  • anonymous honesty
  • turning anger into productive motivation
  • work stress, financial stress, relationship stress
  • waiting for people
  • #ireallyhate
  • i really hate my boss
  • food portions, deciding what to eat, diet
  • The world changed
  • I didn’t know


New ideas identified today:

  • dinner parties
  • letslunch for webcam
  • job video descriptions instead of video

Step 2: Investigate Idea (Wedding Photo Sharing)



Unique Value Proposition: 

  • curating of photo 
  • group ‘live’ album 
  • see other person’s perspective of event 
  • interact live 
  • remove duplicates 
  • consolidate all perspectives 
  • get better images 
  • easy way for brides to get photos (Trade off people use app instead of email)


 A few reason I like this problem:


  • we don’t face the chicken and the egg problem with marketplaces (unlike Well of Change)
  • one person’s problem (the bride) is motivate to persuade other’s (her guest) to help her solve this problem  (1+ viral coefficient)
  • I would be an end user and therefore understand the motivation (is there enough need?)
  • creates a new experience through event perspective (excited for this)
  • can test this idea using mvp, users can use Colour


Kevin wants to drop this idea. He is unsure if it is a big enough problem and of our tech capabilities to make it work. I think we need a better way to evaluate how we are moving from Step to Step. Perhaps vote, perhaps criteria. Else I feel like chasing tails and running in circles. Back to Step 1…

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Step 1: Generating Ideas


We have a plan!

Step 1) “Generating Ideas” in one day

Step 2) “Investigate Idea” in two days 

Step 3) if pass do “Customer Interviews” in three days… else back to “Generating Ideas”, rinse/repeat

These can be non original cause let’s face it, many ideas have been dreamed of, pitched by, tried out by someone out there. It depends on the application, execution, market timing and the team. Actually we should be starting with a problem to solve not a solution. That would be more lean startup. Might have to rename this step to Generating Problems to Solve. In any event, yesterday we completed the first step. Kevin and I have voted for   ~drrrum rrrroll~  Helping guest share photos at weddings! We are hashing out our next steps. 


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