Step 1: Generating Ideas


We have a plan!

Step 1) “Generating Ideas” in one day

Step 2) “Investigate Idea” in two days 

Step 3) if pass do “Customer Interviews” in three days… else back to “Generating Ideas”, rinse/repeat

These can be non original cause let’s face it, many ideas have been dreamed of, pitched by, tried out by someone out there. It depends on the application, execution, market timing and the team. Actually we should be starting with a problem to solve not a solution. That would be more lean startup. Might have to rename this step to Generating Problems to Solve. In any event, yesterday we completed the first step. Kevin and I have voted for   ~drrrum rrrroll~  Helping guest share photos at weddings! We are hashing out our next steps. 


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2 thoughts on “Step 1: Generating Ideas

  1. Ideas we generated:- wedding photo sharing (4 votes)- stealing international ideas and implementing them here- professional event app (3 votes)- online commerce/help people set up online stores- events/venues/floorplans (2 votes)- 360 product viewing (2 votes)- online dating- antivirus- air duct cleaning to reduce allergies – new immigrants with knowledge- build web apps/ social apps for businesses- build prototypes for people wanting to start a business (1 vote)- gaming mechanics into fitness or less appealing stuff- cut peoples bills with tech- lean startup consultant- implement your ideas- program for home contracts and real estate- "what frustrates you most" app- floorplans (doubled this up)Problems we generated:- people’s assumptions are not always true- meeting your neighbours- debt- carpool and traffic- hiring programmers- deciding what to eat (3 votes)- hackers and security- deciding between similar products- finding a ‘mechanic’- defining a company’s culture fit- finding shoes- interviewing- hate firing someone, george clooney up in the air- 28 career jumps in a life time (3 votes)- lots of good ideas, not enough executors- parents/kids and internet- cheques for rental properties- companies that don’t know social media- meeting friends and socializing- selling tickets / collecting money- companies not benefiting from new tech (doubled)- rsvp urgent for event planners, not for guest (1 vote)- financing weddings- social aware trading, what stocks your friends bought- tracking gas prices- contest filling out- surveillance and security in condos- local support- iPhone and iPad app for eventsSkimming companies on AngelList- Netflix for Underwear (minus the returns)- Rent anything, anywhere.- Location based social media app and SaaS for restaurants- Heroku-Easy Graph Database- HBO of live concerts- Democratized Business Intelligence- AppStore for Local (Y Combinator W10)- Social life-focussed LBS! See friends’ plans and the crowds at places now & in the future- Made in India, with love!- eBay for college tutoring.- Geek Squad or Uber of Car Repairs- The Social(ly Responsible) Network- Frequent Flier Miles for Social Engagements- The Analyze in Sports- Chomp meets Kiip for Mobile Entertainment- WoW for the Rest of Us. Games for the Casually Core and Core Curious.- Mobile games to change your life. Think Zynga meets Oprah.- Golf Course Navigation, Social Media and GPS Systems- Smartphone Games & Platforms- New Media + Video Games- Mobile, Video Games and Social Games- The Mouse for mobile- Hip Irreverent Teen Girl Games- Real-life Stratego Game + interest-based local deals & recommendations- Foursquare for Coolhunters- Shot Photo, apply Like or Dislike and share on social- Multiplayer Pokemon meets Barcode Battler (with phenomenal data mining possibilities)- Being Right Is Priceless- A game that moves, achievements that matter!- A next generation social networking game and conversation platform- Let Your Location Be Known… To the people You Know- Software for the film/broadcast entertainment industries- Careerspotting 4 Kids- where video meets social gaming- for Organic Food- The Social Stock Market- Making Learning Medicine Fun- The ‘Steve Jobs’ of Social Discovery.- The board game of the location-based era- JungleTale is a socially connected learning adventure set in Central America- We’re Zynga for Health!- Smartphone Scavenger Hunts-

  2. scheduling workers app/smssnap picture on voice commandsocially aware tradingsteal good ideas and launch in international marketsboyfriend tracker/cheaterscollaborative doodleprofessionals nearbylocation chatting/twitterwebcam speed dating/interviewing spincelebrity uses face.comlimited edition artweekly Facebook updates for parents – minor monitor – freetop 3, performer of the month, i know you can do better, points, employee employee recognitionlike movies right after watchingchatroulette for groupsairbnb for mealsairbnb for gymppl deal of the daycubeduel for dating

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