Step 2: Investigate Idea (Wedding Photo Sharing)



Unique Value Proposition: 

  • curating of photo 
  • group ‘live’ album 
  • see other person’s perspective of event 
  • interact live 
  • remove duplicates 
  • consolidate all perspectives 
  • get better images 
  • easy way for brides to get photos (Trade off people use app instead of email)


 A few reason I like this problem:


  • we don’t face the chicken and the egg problem with marketplaces (unlike Well of Change)
  • one person’s problem (the bride) is motivate to persuade other’s (her guest) to help her solve this problem  (1+ viral coefficient)
  • I would be an end user and therefore understand the motivation (is there enough need?)
  • creates a new experience through event perspective (excited for this)
  • can test this idea using mvp, users can use Colour


Kevin wants to drop this idea. He is unsure if it is a big enough problem and of our tech capabilities to make it work. I think we need a better way to evaluate how we are moving from Step to Step. Perhaps vote, perhaps criteria. Else I feel like chasing tails and running in circles. Back to Step 1…

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