Playing boss

Decided that we are going to take turns playing ‘boss’. Kevin has Monday, Wednesday, Friday and I have Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. So we are going back to explore Social Media. On Tuesday, I decided to create a little competition using adwords. We had no landing pages, no specific product idea, no adword accounts, no google analytics. Originally, I said by the end of the day 8 hours, but extended it for 24 hour period.

  • Impressions (worth 1 point)
  • Clicks (worth 1,000 points)
  • Sign up (worth 10,000 points)


  • $75 free credits from hostmonster 
  • assigned domain
  • used facebook, adwords, blogs, craigslist, forums
  • RESULT: $3.16 facebook ad
  • RESULT: 0 clicks, 600 impressions, $0 google ads


  • $100 free credit from google
  • assigned domain
  • used adwords
  • my resource restraint was time and soget my ads up as soon as possible
  • used content from industry expert Jeremiah Owyang
  • RESULT: 152,104 impressions, 15 clicks, $8.16 google ads
  • PS: I WON 🙂


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