Foodie Addiction (Boss: Christine)

I have been posting “What I’ve been cooking” on Facebook along with some cost (ex. Taco’s cost $10.50 total). Pretty fun with 9 posts I really engaged people. I guess that is what food does for your, engage your tummy rumblings. As per Mike Kim, I wonder what the network size or Klout of the people who have commented and liked. It would be great to see a total impression size of the 23 comments and 18 likes.



Thursday is Christine-Boss-Day. Decided to explore food blogs for the day. Ran a little competition again. Again we had no landing page and no specific product idea. Kevin took 1 hour to create the landing page below with some text.


There are food blogging photo sharing sites out there, so we started with food bloggers there.

Sample Text.

“<foodblogger’s username from competitorsite>, you are invited!
Knapkins is launching July 2011. Based on your contribution to the foodie websphere, <> has been selected as a featured food blog. We’d would love to showcase your favourite entries and photos on our site. We have already uploaded 14 of your blog photos with links back to drive more traffic to your website. The best part: IT IS FREE. To give us permission to publish these 14 photos, please click your special link. Cheers, Christine”



When a blogger would write back I’d say

“Our goal is to encourage more regular individuals to upload their ‘own’ tries of the featured blogs recipes. These probably won’t be as delicious as your photos, but it can help add more social aspects to your blog. Not just comments, but photos of their version of your recipe. We will always give credit to bloggers and redirect traffic to the contributing writers. Do let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer! Cheers Christine”


  • 140 food bloggers contacted thru blogsite/email (100% – 75 kevin, 65 chris)
  • 66 unique visitors (47.1%)
  • 10 email responses (7% 7 kevin, 3 chris)
  • 15 sign ups (10.7% woohoo!)… updated to 29 sign up

Kevin won!! David from Sapient recommended tracking the number of engagements per person and how it correlates to an increase in an action. (Example the 10 people we contacted with via email, how much more likely were they to sign up?)



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