User Case (Boss: Christine)

Yesterday, we brainstorm different user cases. This was slightly challenging cause we haven’t completed figured out the value we provide, so these use cases may not be relevant to our end product. So the questions we looked at were
  • When do people look?
  • Example of what they need?
  • What stat to support this? (research or people’s comments)   
  • Why do people come back?
  • How can we test this?

Christine based these questions on search and google ads. What keywords they were searching with and what information did they seek to find. I looked for combinations of keywords with had either high search volume, low competition, low cpc. I learned how people like to search for recipes.

  • keywords
  • key phrases
  • long tail search

Kevin researched through facebook, twitter, food bloggers. Kevin thought of some really great ways to “bring people back” and how to incentives people to return.

  • Duel of the Day/Month
  • Top 10 photos
  • Social hooks

However, we also must consider our community has a 70/30 women to men ratio. We were speaking to market researcher Joseph Carrabis about characteristic of women online communities. “When men approach a social network, one of the things that they tend to want to find out is one’s pecking order. In a situation where there is no hierarchy, they will begin creating one. Women form social network by and large, to create communities, to establish, not a hierarchy, but extensions of themselves.” He mentioned female have a very flat hierarchy and that any time any women rises above that it is the trend of the community to bring them down. Moving forward, we’ll need to consider recognizing and supporting all the members of our community, and less focus on a sole ‘Winner”.


Monetization: I was thinking about how we can make money besides advertisements on the site. There are ways to incorporate brands very fluently into recipes with food products. Perhaps we can look at featuring a specific item at a grocery store like “Metro” and displaying relevant food porn.


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