Who are they? Where do they “hang out” online? (Boss: Christine)

One of the advantages of working in a space with competitors is they have done some of the research for us. At first, I looked at 100 companies that advertise on these competitive sites. Based on the text and theme of the ad I found the following:

  • purchasing influencer (cars, kitchen appliances)
  • has kids (huggies)
  • likes being stylish (colourful electronics)
  • likes entertaining (wine)
  • likes travelling (hotel, cruise, travel credit card)
  • likes gardening (green thumb)


This qualitative content was confirmed, cause then I realized I could simply click ‘Advertise with Us’ tab. Based 10 competitors and their media kits, I was able to estimate a profile of our user. This will be a good starting point for us.

  • Female/Male  (%)
  • Median Age:  (years)
  • Median HHI:  ($)
  • Att College/Grad (%)
  • College/Grad (%)
  • Own a Home (%)
  • Median Home Value (%)
  • Principle Shopper (%)
  • Children at home (#)
  • Length on site (minutes)
  • Meals cooked at home (days/week)
  • Nights formally entertaining at home (days/month)



Google Adwords – Explored more adwords based on where people might “hang out/HO” online and engage with food/cooking. A large section I missed was online newspapers which seem to have large followings in their lifestyle/food properties.  Anywho, so I created 4 campaigns.  I spent 3 hours building 50 ads by basing my content on the key words from HO.  I tried not to overlap keywords from each campaign (hopefully they don’t compete and drive cpc up).  I wanted to understand whether the target was really searching those keywords and not that the ad was just vaguely relevant to food in general.

Food Recipe (found to be highest volume, target user)

  • Blog Sites
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Other food property
  • Cook Book
  • Games
  • Medical, Health, Reference

 Food School (found to be highest conversion, target supplier)

  • Culinary
  • Photography

Food Brand (sucky)

  • American
  • Canadian

Food Entertaining (sucky)

  • At home



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