Twittering (Boss: Kevin)

Yesterday Christine played with Twitter (Day1):
  • create @knapkins_com twitter account
  • contacted both @knapkins and @knapkin as to see if they’d donate their abandonned accounts. No response
  • create a hootesuite account with relevant streams (ie. competitor @foodgawker, keywords #foodporn #food)
  • chatted with and made 6 new online foodie friends
  • received 1 feedback about the site

Consider Automating Content:
  • How often each of our blogger updates their content? 5-10 times a month
  • How many bloggers have rss feeds? about 35-40% have feeds


Here are the updated twitter account to adjust to standard wide and larger

background 1280px x 800px

background  1680px x 1050px



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