Conversions on Signups & Tagging (Boss: Kevin)

Contact 100 foodbloggers via email and ended up within 12hrs with a 10% conversion for signups.

  • 100 Foodblogs (50 KevinText, 50 ChristineText)
  • 95 Foodblogs (correct email address)
  • 92 Foodblogs (active email address)
  • 43 Site visits (25 KevinText, 18 ChristineText)
  • 37 clicked signup link (2:32mins on site, 24.95 pages)
  • 13 sign ups (1 said no, but signed up after I explained what we do)



I’ve been tagging photos to help sort the recipes. A few thing I noted about tagging ingredients:

  • colour specific (yellow and green bell peppers can be interchangeable, but red onions for green onions can not)
  • brand specific (Worcestershire Pickapeppa)
  • name spelling (Monterey-Jack vs. Monterey Jack)
  • type specific (brown sugar, yellow sugar, dark sugar, light sugar)
  • country specific (dijon french mustard, english mustard)
  • spelling (yogurt, yoghurt)
  • listing of subsitute options (molasses vs. honey)
  • naming conventions (corn starch vs. corn flour, broth vs. stock)
  • complete ingredients (hummus vs. chickpea, lime, garlic, tahini)
  • grade (double cream 48%, heavy cream 40%, whipping cream 35%, half and half 18%, table cream 10%, light cream 5%)
  • ingredient parts (zest vs. juice, yolk vs. white vs. whole)
  • listed as singular (bay leaf vs. bay leaves)

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