Noob Guide: Content Management – #13 Start a corporate blog & give your knowledge away for free

To start a blog and give away knowledge, I decided to focus on providing value by giving away photography tips… specifically food photography tips. Having now reviewed over 2,100 photos (and tagged them grrrr…) I noticed some really big discrepancy in the quality of photos. So I’m hoping this blog will give foodbloggers some ideas. Given summer time, I made the first topic: “Ice Cream Photography”. However, I am NOT an expert in photography. So I researched the topic online, though experts and books. I created “Five Tips and Tricks for Ice Cream Photography”. My format moving forward would be: a topic (ice cream), text (x5 tips), icons for garnishes (+9 photos), icons for props (+9 photos) and icons for types (+9 photos). For the photos I tied the content back to Knapkins, I repurposed 27 ice cream photos from our site used them to provide visuals. I made sure to include the photo credits. I added some funny branding like using the spoon in our logo and a ‘k’napkin as possible props. Napkin is spelled wrong, but that okay with me!  I added a CC for common creative license. Honestly, I’m not sure what it means but its seems like it would allow people to share the content as long as we are given credit. At the end of the day, if someone wants to steal the content, they will and we won’t take any legal action. I did a second blog entry on “Drink Photography”. It took me about a day to do both entries. See below. 

  1. Freeze your dish. Reduce melting so you can take a great photo. Plastic wrap the glass to prevent frosting.
  2. Odd is best. One or three scoops look great.
  3. Add a collar. Make a ruffle around your ice cream scoop with a small butterknife.
  4. Show texture. Parallel ridges in ice cream texture is called barking. Barking is gooood.
  5. Thicken your sauce. Add corn syrup to make chocolate sauce thicker.

 Garnish: Chocolate, Cinnamon Stick, Fruit/Citrus, Flower Ice Cubes, Mint, Nuts, Rim Topping, Sprinkles, Whipped Cream


Props: Fruit, Maker, Knapkin, Popsicle Stick, Scoop, Scrapbook paper, Topping Server, Spoon, Unique cup


Types:  Bar, Cake, Cone, Milkshake, Pie, Popsicle, Sandwich, Sphere, Sundae


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