Product update: messaging system added

Last week we added the ability for food bloggers to see who their biggest fans were by vote and by favourited. We also added a ‘send thx’ button (that led to a popup saying feature will be added soon) to see if they were interested in engaging with their fans, and we were happy to see that many of them were. So yesterday, we added a messaging feature to allow our users to interact with each other. We are starting with a blogger initiated message off their fan page, but will be adding it to various spots in the app as well for exchanges that are initiated by the user. Let’s see how this goes. The messaging system only took about a day to build since its a simplified version of the WoC messaging system, and we were able to borrow a lot of the interaction designs from facebook’s messaging system (although the look can definitely use some help).  Here are a couple of screenshots.


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