Twitter Conversation – Knapkin-itis

ItsYummiliciousSep 29, 11:18pm via Web

@fujimama @CreativCulinary@PinchMySalt @knapkins_com Hmmm… click or snack? Calories lose EVERY time! #ClickClickYou’reAWinner

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fujimamaSep 29, 11:17pm via TweetDeck

@ItsYummilicious @CreativCulinary@PinchMySalt @knapkins_com Right now I feel like the choice is that, or snacking… I prefer the clicks…

CreativCulinarySep 29, 11:16pm via TweetDeck

@fujimama when you get help for your problems on @knapkins_com ; please send them my way too, OK?

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ItsYummiliciousSep 29, 11:16pm via Web

@fujimama ahhh….you have a bad case of @knapkins_com-itis. The only cure is to run far FAR away from your keyboard!#JustSayNoToClicks

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fujimamaSep 29, 11:13pm via TweetDeck

I keep getting sucked in by @knapkins_com… I keep clicking that vote button…it’s like a compulsion… #sendhelp

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