Growth Engine Hypothesis

We started our experiment with having bloggers create guess games this week. Our assumption is that bloggers will not only help us generate content, but more importantly, bring their friends and fans to Knapkins to play their own games. This is the first step in building social right into our app. The next iteration would be to have people create games solely for the purpose of challenging their friends. Kind of like Zynga’s Hanging With Friends for recipe guessing.  We also started being more rigorous in defining our experiments. So far we’ve just been shipping and looking at data after the fact to make sense of things. Now we are making sure that we have the right cause and effect metrics (or measuring of metrics) nailed before launch, along with our assumptions and predictions of course. Will go into more details on our process next week. For now, here are some screen shots of our guess game create process.


step #1: Select a recipe


step #2: Select 5 correct ingredients


step #3: Select 7 incorrect ingredients


step #4: Challenge your friends (split tested)


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