Increasing conversion, experiment dashboard updated

Added two experiments that tries to increase signups.

Assumption J:

Player signup will increase if shown a better signup prompt page after first 25 votes.


signup conversions on prompt


30% increase


Split testing the following:

Community Call to action


Discovery call to action (screen is pulled from localhost, hence the shortage of pics)


Controlled call to action


Assumption K:

Players will signup to play more games (prompted after 3 games played, and cannot play more until signed up)


-signup conversion on prompt

-# of games played/non signed up player (watching for decrease here since we are putting up a wall on accessing more than 3 games)


same as controlled conversion % from J


Also updated our experiment dashboard. Added some key metrics data in addition to just having conversions. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of manual reporting needed to validate our experiments.


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