3 New Experiments

Experiment O:

Assumption: Players will share if they got a perfect score


Metrics: % of players who share

Prediction: 15% of players will share


Experiment P:

Assumption: Players will play more guess games if they are shown more details on how they are doing.

Summary of the player’s record on top


Details on games the player has played



# of guess games played per player

# of revisits to play more guess games per player


10% increase in # of guess games played


Experiment Q:

Assumption: Players will vote more if the pictures are matched on more detailed categories (currently matching on sweet & savoury, testing on more detailed categories such as chicken, beef, pie, etc)

Metric: # of votes per player

Prediction: 7.5% increase in votes per player


And that is all. Now onto open graph…

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