Experiment N, I, J completed

Experiment N: 

Assumption: share win on hard game

Prediction: 5% conversion rate

Results: 41 subjects, 10 shares, 24% conversion

Decision: Keep prompt and doing a follow up experiment that prompts users to share when there’s a 65% failure rate on guess game (currently set at 75%)


Experiment I:

Assumption: share top ten

Prediction: 3% conversion rate

Results: 524 subjects, 10 shares, 2% conversion (*due to bug, # of subjects that were actually shown the share prompt is likely less than the # reported)

Decision: Doing a follow up experiment to try to increase this percentage. 2 new versions of share prompt with updated text. 2% determined acceptable though.


Experiment J:

 Assumption: signup from duel 2

Prediction: 30% increase in signup Results: All versions had the same signup conversion

Decision: Reverting back to original call to action.

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