Experiment O, P, I part 2 completed

Experiment O: 

 Assumption: Players will share if they got a perfect score.

Prediction: 15% conversion

Result: 7.5%

Decision: Keep anyways as the prompt is not intrusive.


Experiment P: 

 Assumption: Players will play more guess games if they are shown more details on how they are doing.

Prediction: 10% increase in games played

Result: 74% decrease!  People get discouraged seeing a bad record

Decision: Removed and may try to only show record for people who are doing well


Experiment I part 2: 

Assumption: Trying to optimize top 10 message

Prediction: 3% conversion

Result: 20% on prompt with date. Not that significant (7/35) but is quite better than the other 2 prompts.

Decision: Keeping prompt with date.

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