Member profiles and follows

1. index page now link to a solo dish page around users


2. user profile pages added


3. users can now follow bloggers and categories



Corresponding experiments are as follows:

preferences (personal word cloud) (Due Dec 7 12am)
– vote 20 on a category/blogger
– prompt “do follow this category/blogger”
– add personal cloud “blogger, category” on popular
– add personal cloud “blogger, category on vote, remove main category
– add follow btn on profile page
– assumption: adding follow will increase 
– metric: #added into follow cloud, #clicks on follow cloud, # of votes, #login 
– prediction: #added into follow cloud 20% from prompt, 
#clicks on follow cloud (+20%) vs. #click on category
# of votes (10% increase)
# re-login (5% increase)

social  (Dec 5 12am, Dec8)
– blogger profile (name of blog, location, twitter, fb)
– add stats (#sweet # savoury #guess #votes #pt)
– You may also like (remove sweet, savoury, main, appetizer, dessert, side dish)
– assumption (people will visit profile page)
– metric: outbounds, page view, # of login, # of message
– prediction (a) outbound: from dish page (35% decrease)
 pageview: additional clicks on left hand canvas and profile page (increase)
(b) outbound from popular page 


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