“Duel of Week” email & “Apple Badge” email and Google Analytics

To complement ‘rewards’ like the apple badge. We made a quick email so the user has something in their inbox. They get their ‘apple badge’ along with 6 apple recipes and a link to view more recipes. We hope this will create a feed back loop. Also put together a “Duel of the Week” email. Mail Chimp is great! Kevin is working on the web version of the duel…


Briefly looked at Google Analytics today. Noticed we get have some interesting traffic in Singapore. Weird!

  • Singapore
  • Visits: 18
  • Average: 103 pages
  • Length: 19 minutes šŸ™‚
  • US
  • Visits: 324
  • Average: 20 pages
  • Length: 4 minutes
  • Canada
  • Visits: 171 
  • Average: 15 pages
  • Length: 6:30 minutes

Pretty funny! Got a $110 credit in the mail from our hosting company. Look, ma! Paper based advertising by Google… 


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