Scheduling Twitter Worldwide

Today, Christine started scheduling manuel tweets that tags our food bloggers. Many of them have 100s and 1,000s of followers that know and are familiar with their brand. Our hope is to connect with these followers online and support our foodbloggers.   Kevin will eventually automate tweets as new dishes are added. This is a good way to broadcast current info.


It took me about 1.5hrs to find our current foodblogger’s twitter handles and manually schedule 30 tweets. A challenge is that foodbloggers are worldwide like Singapore, UK, California. So Christine has to be conscious of their hometown time zones. Usually, it’s a good idea to leave 20 characters so people can retweet the entire link. Instead I’ve hashed some keywords at end of the tweet which are expendable. Here is a sample tweet:


9:45am (EST here) / 8:45am (CSTIllinois)

“Breakfast? Multigrain Pancakes by @naturallyella  View more of Erin’s dishes www.knapkins.com/duel?dish=181 #Illinois #foodie”


Email Drip for Food Bloggers


  • Subject: Welcome to Knapkins
  • Content: Recipe photo from their foodblog
  • Call to Action: Play Food Duel, first duel is their own photo
  • Ling: www.knapkins.com/duel?name=username
  • 8 sent (100%)
  • 5 unique open (62%)
  • 2 unique clicks (25%)


  • Subject: Knapkins, Your USERNAME gallery is ready
  • Content: Recipe names from their foodblog
  • Call to Action: View Your Gallery 
  • Link: www.knapkins.com/dishes?name=username
  • 14 sent (100%)
  • 10 unique open (71%)
  • 5 unique click (36%)
  • 5 minutes, 3 pages


  • Subject: Knapkins, Your USERNAME gallery has votes
  • Content: Recipe photos from their foodblog
  • Call to Action: View Your Votes
  • Link: www.knapkins.com/dishes?name=username
  • 40 sent (100%)
  • 23 unique open (57%)
  • 12 unique click (31%)
  • 1:45 minutes, 21.29 pages



“Duel of Week” email & “Apple Badge” email and Google Analytics

To complement ‘rewards’ like the apple badge. We made a quick email so the user has something in their inbox. They get their ‘apple badge’ along with 6 apple recipes and a link to view more recipes. We hope this will create a feed back loop. Also put together a “Duel of the Week” email. Mail Chimp is great! Kevin is working on the web version of the duel…


Briefly looked at Google Analytics today. Noticed we get have some interesting traffic in Singapore. Weird!

  • Singapore
  • Visits: 18
  • Average: 103 pages
  • Length: 19 minutes 🙂
  • US
  • Visits: 324
  • Average: 20 pages
  • Length: 4 minutes
  • Canada
  • Visits: 171 
  • Average: 15 pages
  • Length: 6:30 minutes

Pretty funny! Got a $110 credit in the mail from our hosting company. Look, ma! Paper based advertising by Google… 



Keeping content current and adding “rewards”

Automating content discovery:

One of the biggest complaints from food bloggers about aggregation sites was that the picture submission process was a pain.  Every time they wrote a new blog post, they had to go to each of the food aggregation sites and make a submission.  So we decided to automate this process for them.  What we would pull in new pictures from their RSS feeds, add them to our site, and notify them once their picture was up.  We threw up a sign up page describing this process and emailed a bunch of bloggers requesting them to sign up.  Christine then manually simulated this automation process for them.  The response was very positive from the bloggers.  One even said that we were “a dream to work with” since they didn’t have to do the tedious work of uploading anymore.  As the list of blogger signups piled up though, the manually process was difficult to keep up with (not just the initial picture uploads but monitoring their blogs for updates).  So last week our tools finally caught up with the promise of an automated process.  Our app now does a nightly pull from all the signed up blogs, and pulls in new updates into our system.  The only manually step required is to add some tags to each entry, approve it, and its live.  Here’s a screenshot our system. 




Keeping content current:

Now that we have a system to add new pictures to Knapkins, we are able to provide a “time” component to our users.  Pictures can be sorted by new this week, new this month, and all time, much like the other food blog aggregators  Users are now presented with fresh content on subsequent visits.  A first step on planning for retention.



A final component we added was the idea of rewards/items/badges, and more importantly, cleaning up the signup prompt and flow.  The goal is to increase our signup activation step.  Screenshots below:




Google Analytics

General Analytics (July 1 to July 10)

New vs. Returning
  • New (2:37 mins, 10 pages)
  • Returning  (6:48 mins, 22 pages)


  • 1-3 mins (average 12 pages)
  • 3-5 mins ( average 24.6 pages)


  • add engagement at 10-12 pages
  • push them to signup at 25 pages (show ‘foodie’ status trophy)

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Android and Apple: Together (Boss: Christine)

Last two days, we’ve started to play with mobile. For Christine, it has been 5 years since she last developed. It was fun to get into it and see a live results. With 24 hours, here’s what she did/built:



Special thanks to PonziCoder for taking the time to document his adventures. It was a fun code-along…  http://www.youtube.com/user/ponzicoder#p/c/87FA0FB3611241B5/10/I-gG8JhywUg