Scheduling Twitter Worldwide

Today, Christine started scheduling manuel tweets that tags our food bloggers. Many of them have 100s and 1,000s of followers that know and are familiar with their brand. Our hope is to connect with these followers online and support our foodbloggers.   Kevin will eventually automate tweets as new dishes are added. This is a good way to broadcast current info.


It took me about 1.5hrs to find our current foodblogger’s twitter handles and manually schedule 30 tweets. A challenge is that foodbloggers are worldwide like Singapore, UK, California. So Christine has to be conscious of their hometown time zones. Usually, it’s a good idea to leave 20 characters so people can retweet the entire link. Instead I’ve hashed some keywords at end of the tweet which are expendable. Here is a sample tweet:


9:45am (EST here) / 8:45am (CSTIllinois)

“Breakfast? Multigrain Pancakes by @naturallyella  View more of Erin’s dishes #Illinois #foodie”

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