AARRR (Boss: Kevin)

Today’s focus was on setting up the project to be more metrics driven.  Made the appropriate additions to the app to correctly tracking our acquition and activation points, and added the follow goals on GA:

acquisition: 2 minutes on site (doesn’t abandon)

activation: 10 pages/visit (happy 1st visit)

activation: achieve a rank, meaning at least 25 votes (happy 1st visit)

activation: signup (setting up for retention)

retention: not there yet 🙂


In addition, also made the following updates to the app:

-added GA for outbound links

-added GA pageview tracker for aysnc voting

-added GA events for all major button/link/popup clicks

-added “beta” to logo

-added uservoice feedback tab

-added contact us page

-added results page for specific bloggers

-added duel page for specific bloggers

-fix duel to always match on a category (currently on sweet or savoury) 


Here’s a link to Dave’s Startup Metrics for Pirates video that we watched this morning:





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